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Dr. Karen Hofmann

I was born and raised on a cattle ranch in Eastern Washington following close beside my mom who is also a veterinarian. Through her, I developed my love and desire to nurture and care for all creatures.
After graduating from Vet school at WSU, I worked with my mom for six months, then moved to northern California to practice with a classmate of my mom's for a couple of years. Shortly after moving back to Washington, I then worked at Phinney Ridge for several years before venturing into practice ownership. Previously owned by Dr. Alicia Carlos, I began practicing as an owner of Maple Leaf Pet Corner in 2006.

My Husband, Colin and our son, Cody love to visit my hometown Republic, WA where we spend time horseback riding, raising cattle, enjoying the outdoors and spending time with our family. We have two dogs, a cat, and four horses. Buzz is our Pomeranian/Chihuahua who loves his job, working everyday as our clinic greeter. Cody, the dog, is a great Pyrenees/shepherd and the guardian of our son. Our cat, Katey, with balance and physical disabilities isn't always the most graceful kitty, but the most special and wonderful cat with an amazing personality. Our four horses are named, Mickey, Arrows, Spot and Hunter.