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I have a 9yo (?) gordon setter (mix?) that I adopted 2 1/2 yrs ago. I'm making career changes, and this may be hard on Maisey, depending on how things go. She took a long time to settle in here, so I'm thinking ahead to minimize trauma (for both her and me) by gradually transferring her to another loving home. She is good natured and well behaved, though a little high maintenance. I walk her 45min to an hour every day since she thrives on wandering and sniffing. Indoors she loves to sit close and have belly rubs, and keep her eye on the kitchen for treats.  I spoil her a fair bit and would like to find her new people who are happy to do the same. Really, it's hard to think of handing her over to someone, and my only hope is that I'll find someone who'll spoil her even more than I do (which is a lot!). Please contact me if you're interested in meeting her and learning more about her.

"Marney" 10 month old, German Shorthair Pointer

Female: Spayed, Birth date: 11/03/2012 

Marney, is a loveable dog that needs a good home to go to. She is Kennel trained, she gets along with people and all other animals and has no aggressive tendencies.  Loves the dog park, swimming and hiking. The owner would like $300.00, this is including her kennel, belongings, and her vaccines that are all up to date. Please contact us with any interest.